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A Breath of Fresh Air

Not having a job all Winter gave me plenty of time to think about what I wanted to do once the weather warmed up.  The choice was fairly easy.  I decided to plant a garden; after listing all the pros (save money on vegetables, getting extra excercise, enjoying the fresh outdoors) & cons (there are bugs outside, it’s the South in the Spring/Summer and that = HOT) I could think of, I began planning what to plant & sketching where it would all go. I chose the usual suspects: green beans, tomatoes, okra, peppers (mild & hot), squash, cucumbers, herbs, watermelons, & cantelopes.As soon as the weather warmed up enough to ensure the frost had passed, I began to start working the ground. First, I had my father-in-law till up my space. Secondly, I raked out the large clumps of dirt, mixed in the fertilizer, and figured out where each row would be.     


Prepped & ready for plants.

Excitedly, I purchased the seeds and slips. I dug and planted. I watered and weeded.  And I began the hardest part of all; I waited. Considering how impatient I am, it’s a miracle I didn’t say to hell with it . Finally, I began to see some results of my labor; a little sprout here, a little sprig there. Some things, like my tomatoes, parsley, and peppers, took off; while others – okra, cucumbers, cabbage – had to be replanted.  The other herbs were also hit and miss, but I’m not too worried about them.  They grow pretty quick, so replanting isn’t a problem.  I find myself watching these plants for milestones like I did when Beana was a baby.  Crawling=beginnings of blooms, first steps=the little veggie/fruit emerging right before bloom falls off and walking=actual tiny tomatoes, and whatnot.              

Result of hard work


My baby tomatoes.

First squash

Baby Peppers

 This garden was a way to jumpstart the climb out of the void I’ve been in.  I can’t wait until I can start cooking with and eating what’s growing in my little patch of dirt.