Let’s take a walk around the internetz neighorhood

There are lots of mainstream websites/blogs that I visit.  Places to find a laugh, a recipe, info, and friends, but that’s not where we’re going today. Today, we’re visiting a few of the ones that “if loving them is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

Let’s see; pepper spray, check; personal alarm, check; big walking stick, check.  Well alrighty then, I think we’re ready to go.

Fuck My Life I’ve mentioned this before but I feel it’s worth bringing up again.  It’s my somebody’s day is worse than mine pick-me-up spot.

People of Walmart I’m baffled as to why people leave the house looking a hot mess. I’m not saying I have my shit together every time I’m out & about but with most of them it’s like, “don’t you have a mirror, family, friends, pets, enemies to ask if maybe you want to rethink that ensemble?” I will admit that every time I’m in the big W, I’m on the lookout for someone to snap a shot of.

Shit My Kids Ruined I usually blurt out “Holy Shit” at just about every other post.  It also makes me appreciate Beana more because compared to the hell these kids caused, she should have wings & a halo.

Awkward Family Photos This makes me want to find any and all photos taken of me and burn them, burn them, buuuurrrrrnnnnnn thhhhhheeeeemmmmmm.  Like those Middle School Dance Pictures, and that one slumber party pic where I……..um nevermind. Anyway shit like this is why I HATE having my picture taken.


Awkward Boners Yeah, reason #438927436293 I’m glad to be a woman. I don’t care that when it’s cold our nips become two pointy beacons.  It’s nothing compared to pitching the proverbial tent at the most heinous of times.

Last but certainly not least the full-on NSFW:

 Way to Suck That Dick A friend tuned me onto this. Despite all the nakedness it’s not really about the porniness.  It just proves that it takes all kinds to make the world go round.  FYI for some of them, you might want to have a bottle of bleach on hand to rinse your eyes out with. *Disclaimer* FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD, DO NOT RINSE YOUR EYES OUT WITH BLEACH. IT WAS A JOKE PEOPLES. SHEESH.

This ends our tour of my favorite “whydeydodat?” tourist spots on the net. Feel free to tip your guide.



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