Overheard in My Marriage

In the car after work heading home

Him: I’ve got something to ask you, but promise you won’t get mad first.

Me: Mmmm

Him: You promise??

Me: I guess so

Him: How come you don’t g.o dow.n on me like you did before we got married?

Me: ………………..

The Next Day at Work

Me: (at my desk, on the phone) Baby, do you remember what you said to me right before you asked me about a certain activity you enjoy?

Him: Yes??

Me: Do you??

Him: Yes, I promise.

Me: As, I was backing into my parking space; I caught the side post and knocked the sideview mirror on your car out of alignment. I’m sorry.

Him: ……………………………

The beautifull thing is neither one of us got mad.


One response to “Overheard in My Marriage

  1. :: snickering at this ::That’s what im talking about.I wanted to ask my wifey why we dont jump into the crazy nasty whips n chains anymore. but before i could, I fell asleep.

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